Will.I.Am + 4 Dreamers

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This is some real shit, Will I Am paid for FOUR underprivileged dreamers to go to college. Would be amazin to be able to do some shit like that. This is really inspiring. Dream on Dreamers!!!!!

What The Fuck

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Had to throw this up before the J. Cole show video footage coming later today....

But can any man stop this freak of nature??? This is retarded... I thought I just saw Shawn Kemp with Iverson handles but thats impossible so what the fuck is going on here??

oh BTW... Lebron officially > Kobe. Say somethin!

"Let's Just eat cheese" Interview with J. Cole

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As You probably have seen many J. Cole interviews on this blog (as You should), this "Follow Up" interview is definetly one I feel you need to check out. I'll let Cole say it in his own words as I stole this from his blog :

"If I could choose one person to do all of my interviews for the rest of my career, it would be Miss Shauna Barbosa, aka Elle over at Letsjusteatcheese. The girl is a phenomenal writer, and I always enjoy the interview experience with her. Click the link above and enjoy the latest.

It's a follow up interview: the first took place last Fall, before the deal. Read that one 
HERE. Classic

You get way more in depth than the usual "tell us about the deal."


yea so there you have it check out the interview its a great read as stolen from J. Cole's Blog via Letsjusteatcheese

May 7th @ La Poisson Rouge

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For those who have been asking me when Cole was going to be performing in NYC, well I have some good news. On may 7th, J. Cole will be performing at La Poisson Rouge in NYC on Wale's Attention Deficit Tour along with Colin Munroe and Tanya Morgan. La Poisson Rouge is located on 158 Bleecker St Soho, NYC and the show will start at 10 pm with the doors opening up at 9:30 pm. 

This is a show you want to be there for, it is Cole's first show in NYC since signing his deal with Roc Nation and I Know a good amount of people that have been waiting to support so let's pack the house out on Thursday. I've also seen both Wale and Colin Munroe's performances during the few stops we've made on this tour and all together this is a great show you want to witness. For more information e-mail me at ibrodreamville@gmail.com. Hope to see everyone there.

Here's the Link where you can purchase your tickets in advance for $10 so no excuses people. http://lepoissonrouge.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=34347

AMAZING - Song Around The World

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This is easily one of the most remarkable music related projects I have ever seen. I sincerely hope whoever put this together gets a Grammy or some sort of recognition beyond some blog posts lol. True music captured in a way you always dreamed of but never heard before, this is technology at it's FINEST.

Click Here for more on "Playing For Change"