"Let's Just eat cheese" Interview with J. Cole

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As You probably have seen many J. Cole interviews on this blog (as You should), this "Follow Up" interview is definetly one I feel you need to check out. I'll let Cole say it in his own words as I stole this from his blog :

"If I could choose one person to do all of my interviews for the rest of my career, it would be Miss Shauna Barbosa, aka Elle over at Letsjusteatcheese. The girl is a phenomenal writer, and I always enjoy the interview experience with her. Click the link above and enjoy the latest.

It's a follow up interview: the first took place last Fall, before the deal. Read that one 
HERE. Classic

You get way more in depth than the usual "tell us about the deal."


yea so there you have it check out the interview its a great read as stolen from J. Cole's Blog via Letsjusteatcheese


Morgan said...

Really really enjoyed this interview. The writer and J. Cole seemed to really get the best out of each other. Definitely got more in depth, and not one mention of Jay-Z or Drake! Classic.

atown said...


i'm really excited 4 this guy... & he from the south which just makes it 10x's better ... i luv it when dudes from up north say we can't rap except so & so... that list just got longer!!!

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