Warm Up Trailer + Complex Interview

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So the first release from J. Cole since the Roc Nation deal is coming real soon. It's called "The Warm Up". I can honestly say it's the best mixtape I have ever heard. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't give a fuck that's how I honestly feel lol.

It's not a mixtape, I can't bare to call it that. It really is an album, it's better than what we are all used to, it's inspiring, it's invigorating, it's timeless music man. If for some reason you don't feel what Cole is bringing to the table musically, then you have got to at least admire his story.

Always a great interview, but this one was especially good. If you haven't read up on Cole yet, now is the time and this is the article. I promise it will be worth your 5 minutes of time!

Now onto the Trailer. I mean... Damn. Goosebumps. Shit like this keeps me going as a musician, creatively, this is fuel for anyone trying to realise their dreams. Enjoy.

J Cole - The Warm Up (trailer) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Josh Smith: A Tale of 2 Dunks

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Exhibit A:

Complete Rim Molestation. Posterization. Jermainly E'mbaressed. Viciously Violent.

Exhibit B:

Pathedic. Idiotic. Epic Fail. Dominique is Embaressed for You. Disgusting Disaster.

Click Here to view.

On some real shit though this series has been good, real physical like the old days. I'm lovin the playoffs so far!

The Best Worst Video you will ever see

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I already twittered a few times regarding this video but now I can't resist the urge to blog this. I ran across this video 2 nights ago while being in the studio late night, Mez told us to check it out while we were taking a youtube break. Since then i have been laughing non stop at this video, I can sit here and point out a million things but I rather you watch it for yourself. now I present Namata "Treasure in you"....

J. Cole - Dollar and A Dream II (in studio video)

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Here's a video put together by Knotti from the same night as the Karen Civil interview, I like this video thought it was coo l hope you enjoy it.

100th Day for OBAMA

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Today marks the 100th day in office for the number one dreamer, President Barack Obama. There is a lot of buzz going around about his first 100 days in office. Some sources are praising him and many others are saying its to early to judge, while Fox news continues to hate on number 44. I don’t know about the rest of you dreamers, but the excitement I get from knowing that Obama is our president has not worn out, even if were 100 days deep.

“Unlike his immediate predecessors, he seems to be running the government instead of letting the government run him. And he seems so relaxed that it’s almost as frightening as it is reassuring. It’s almost impossible to imagine him getting nasty with an intern or spending hours cutting down trees when he should be absorbing briefing papers. He is focused like a laser on his job.”

I mean the guy never looses his cool, ever… and he’s had some serious drama these past months.
“Checkout the landscape, Obama has had to take steps to help bail out the broken world banking system; save the world’s largest insurer; rescue the American auto industry and an American sea captain held captive by pirates; pass a stimulus package and a budget and explain how, together, they were going to be the salvation of the sickly U.S. economy. And, these last couple of weeks, he’s had to walk the damn dog…pirates.”

In a mere 100 days, Obama has reopended ties with the perpetual line stepping nations of Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Iran, all without giving up on America's core national interests. In fact, he has proven that he is a president who actually understands what those interests are... That's why this dreamer drove all the way to NC to vote.

All in all, this is just 100 days of what I hope to be a 2-term, 8-year presidency and I’m sure all the hard choices lie ahead…Pirates!

But for now, things are going pretty damn good, given the circumstances. Give it up for Barack and check out the list of all time greatest dreamers; let me know if I missed someone.

All-Time Greatest Dreamers

1. President Barack Obama
2. J.Cole
3. Spud Webb
4. Walt Disney
5. The Game

The Introduction : J. Cole

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Check out this cool interview Cole did with Karen Civil for her "Introduction" section on Karencivil.com, Shout out to Knotti too on the video.

With the .... pick in the NFL Draft

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So The NFL Draft is creeping up on us and this is always an exciting time of the year for me. I am probably the biggest Eagles and Donovan McNabb fan around so the rush of not knowing who WE will end up with is exciting. Now if your into sports you know the Eagles made a Big Trade already for OT Jason Peters and working towards more moves to get ready for the 09 season. 

This year though the draft feels a little more special, I guess because my homie K.O. (Kevin Ogletree) is getting drafted anywhere from low second round to high 5th round. Ladies and Gentleman that is a pretty big deal, New York City is not respected as a football gold mind so for someone from Queens, NY that grew up with us (Holy Cross H.S. whats up??) is on the verge of reaching his dream its pretty amazing. Knowing his work ethic and the talent that he has its only a matter of time before he becomes a full time starter and one of the best at the Wide Receiver position. With not one good QB in his college career, K.O. has gotten this far and now its time for him to take the next step. The weird part is you have no idea what city you will end up in and all of a sudden when your name is called you have to be ready to up and move (hopefully to PHILADELPHIA) wherever its is your needed. I'll try to catch some footage of us at his house on sunday wacthing the draft with his family might be cool footage to have for a big moment in his life. Here's some footage of Kev on the field i found on youtube so enjoy...

P.S. After the Draft Sunday Night were at Guesthouse in NYC to celebrate for K.O. ofiicial Draft Party 

J. Cole Interview/Freestyle on RockMeTv

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J. Cole was up at Lenny S radio show for a quick interview and freestyle. Yay for my shout out lol. Cole killed it with the rhyme (as usual). But I must say, I think young Jermaine gives a real good interview. Most good artist's have intriguing interviews. Lil Wayne, Jay, etc. It's an important part of connecting with your fans. Check it out:

Shout out to Omen for the spot.

Deron Williams Game Winner

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This shit was pretty. Not only the hop-step fade away nothin but net highly contested jumper, but the set up was ill. Check out all the crossups he gave Fisher (a good defender). Deron has amazing handle of the ball, he one of those guards that seem like he can get anywhere on the court anytime he wants. Dangerous. This was silky smooth though!

What was just as crazy though was the play before when Boozer just decided to assassinate the entire lakers front line with a monster left handed dunk in traffic. It was like he just said "Fuck this, I'm scoring". Some real will-powered shit! That was impressive as hell.

Omen - Do The Right Thing Mixtape (2006)

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My man Omen has been killin shit lately, but you wouldnt know cuz he just sends me the tracks lol.... His new mixtape is comin real soon, but for now.. Check out his joint from 2006 with the Spike Lee theme. Features a couple guest spots from J. Cole (Formally known as Therapist back then!).

Download: Omen - Do The Right Thing Mixtape Here

P.S.- Use WinRar to extract files.

Breaking Walls

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As a person who loves music (especially R&B), its really not that easy for me to open up to a lot of singers simply because most of them are not good. I heard of this guy Brandon Hines a few years ago because of the people I knew in that DMV area would always bring his name up because of the work he had done with Trey Songz, still I never checked it out just remembered the name. Only last year when Toine told me they were writing partners and how talented B was did i feel i should check it out, and that was only because Toine is one of my closest childhood friends and i figured if i can take someone's word it might as well be family. Long story short dude is amazing as an artist and his music I don't think many people singing can compete with signed or unsigned. He surrounds himself with a great team and they all keep there minds towards a goal they set and not allowing outside thoughts or people trying to change who they are take them off track. They write everything, he's still growing as an artist, he is a star in the making, his live shows are impressive and he has a cult following that keeps growing from his days at Howard University. Sounds pretty good huh... check out this trailer for his documentary coming up called "Breaking Walls".....

Ohh Yeahh and you already know a J. Cole joint with B. Hines on it is on "The Warm Up"....

BBGun featured in "American Dreaming"

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Directors of J. Cole's "Trilogy" Video BBGUN were recently featured in "American Dreaming" magazine.. Check it out! I keep sayin it but these guys are incredible. Look out for "The Warm Up" trailer coming soon also shot by BBGUN!!!!

Here is a look at some of their previous work with Kid Kudi

Kid Cudi - "a KID named CUDI: The Mixtape" (trailer) from bbgun on Vimeo.

AI2 Game Winner

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This has to be one of the most tightly defended game winning step back jumpers I've ever seen. Give it up to HEDO THE TURK for the tough D.. but what a SHOT!!!!! I'm excited for these playoffs... I'm picking Cleveland to win it all. Who is your pick Dreamers????

J. Cole footage (Cats Cradle, NC)

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Great ass show man, that's all I can say. For me personally it was a great experience coming out to NC with the Dreamville team. We havin a ball out here man its a beautiful thing. One thing I gotta say about watching Cole perform that many people may not understand is, technically: He is a monster. Meaning, you gotta pay attention - the man has no hype man, and not only does he never miss a line, but the CLARITY with which he spits is amazing. No fumbling, no mumbling, no nothing. Clear as fuckin day every line. If you don't think its impressive do me a favor and try to stand up in front of the mirror spittin your fa rappers songs for 20 minutes without fuckin up once and not missin a line!!!! You gunna be gaspin for breath sweatin bullets so imagine that times 10 once you hit the stage!!! Wale also put on a real good show check out his footage below.

Its Amazing !!

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The NBA never slacks on they commercial, they went and got me ready for the playoffs with a ill joint right here. Throw that kanye in and how they chop they shit up... Shit is sick. Check it out let me know what ya think.

J. Cole in Norfolk, Va

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Here's footage i promised of how the performance in VA went... chopped up by J. Cole himself this time lol. The crowd was great, the set was ill and just watch a lil more and see how it went down after the show lol definetly some funny shit. 

As Seen on J. Cole's Blog

Time to bring it back

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I'm not one to look back on glory Days cause i believe Hip Hop's best days are still ahead of us. I love the new wave of artist just like everyone else does, but this is something that i feel should be bought back. All Ego's aside, All who's the headliner aside, All bullshit aside but if I was a person with enough power and pull to get this done (which I plan to hopefully be one day) I will bring back the Feeling of "The Hard Knock Life Tour". Never could i sppreciate what was done on that tour back when it first happen, but now looking back on it the shit was simply amazing. Here's just a clip from the beggining of the movie "Backstage", kind of a little reminder of what was accomplished and who accomplished it. Enjoy


Slow Start

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So Excuse the Lack of updates to start, things have been a lil hectic at the moment but it will get better. Posting is a lot harder on the road when you don't have a laptop but that will come in due time. Just got back from being in VA since Tuesday where Cole did a show in Norfolk, VA and a show in Richmond, VA opening up for the homie Wale. We have good footage of both shows as well as the trip to post up but until then just know it was a great experience, Everybody killed it and the people who were at this shows gave Cole a lot of love and got us looking foward to the show this thursday in NC. 

Footage coming real soon, until then check out this interview with HipHopGame.com

Warm Up Coming Soon !!!

Welcome To Dreamville

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So in the middle of a studio session in the early morning hours of april 6th, we decided to finally start the Dreamville Blog we always talked about and now here we are people. A chance for us as a team to all post what we feel like posting with no boundaries and let everyones different personalities show through their own post. I guess I get the special honor to make the first post lol, but as time passes you'll see post from Cole, Elite, A Rod, Mez, etc. Hope you enjoy, hope you follow us through these fun time, hope you stick around, and hope you find me and the rest of the team interesting. 

Not gonna say too much for a first post just a little introduction to the start of something that should be a lot of fun, something that started with simply what we like to call a Dollar and A Dream. Enjoy.