100th Day for OBAMA

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Today marks the 100th day in office for the number one dreamer, President Barack Obama. There is a lot of buzz going around about his first 100 days in office. Some sources are praising him and many others are saying its to early to judge, while Fox news continues to hate on number 44. I don’t know about the rest of you dreamers, but the excitement I get from knowing that Obama is our president has not worn out, even if were 100 days deep.

“Unlike his immediate predecessors, he seems to be running the government instead of letting the government run him. And he seems so relaxed that it’s almost as frightening as it is reassuring. It’s almost impossible to imagine him getting nasty with an intern or spending hours cutting down trees when he should be absorbing briefing papers. He is focused like a laser on his job.”

I mean the guy never looses his cool, ever… and he’s had some serious drama these past months.
“Checkout the landscape, Obama has had to take steps to help bail out the broken world banking system; save the world’s largest insurer; rescue the American auto industry and an American sea captain held captive by pirates; pass a stimulus package and a budget and explain how, together, they were going to be the salvation of the sickly U.S. economy. And, these last couple of weeks, he’s had to walk the damn dog…pirates.”

In a mere 100 days, Obama has reopended ties with the perpetual line stepping nations of Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Iran, all without giving up on America's core national interests. In fact, he has proven that he is a president who actually understands what those interests are... That's why this dreamer drove all the way to NC to vote.

All in all, this is just 100 days of what I hope to be a 2-term, 8-year presidency and I’m sure all the hard choices lie ahead…Pirates!

But for now, things are going pretty damn good, given the circumstances. Give it up for Barack and check out the list of all time greatest dreamers; let me know if I missed someone.

All-Time Greatest Dreamers

1. President Barack Obama
2. J.Cole
3. Spud Webb
4. Walt Disney
5. The Game


ibro said...

That might of been the best post we had so far shit was ill.. lol @ spud webb, A Rod enters the blog with a bang

Elite said...

hell yea man great post... Spud webb used to be my all time fa basketball player no joke like how cole is wit Penny thats how i was wit Spud lol. He is the greatest. One question tho.. The game??? why the game?????

Jack Reylan said...

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