Warm Up Trailer + Complex Interview

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So the first release from J. Cole since the Roc Nation deal is coming real soon. It's called "The Warm Up". I can honestly say it's the best mixtape I have ever heard. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't give a fuck that's how I honestly feel lol.

It's not a mixtape, I can't bare to call it that. It really is an album, it's better than what we are all used to, it's inspiring, it's invigorating, it's timeless music man. If for some reason you don't feel what Cole is bringing to the table musically, then you have got to at least admire his story.

Always a great interview, but this one was especially good. If you haven't read up on Cole yet, now is the time and this is the article. I promise it will be worth your 5 minutes of time!

Now onto the Trailer. I mean... Damn. Goosebumps. Shit like this keeps me going as a musician, creatively, this is fuel for anyone trying to realise their dreams. Enjoy.

J Cole - The Warm Up (trailer) from bbgun on Vimeo.


Fry said...

Dude, thanks for the updates. I need your help, can you throw me a link for Losing my balance and Lights please?

If he going to press The Warm Up? I'd pre-order a copy.

J. Tinsley said...

Elite, what's good bro?

Ibro, what's good bro?

This...THIS...is how you make your introduction to the mainstream. It's a story of pain, pride, failure and joy...something I think every human can relate to.

This summer is going to be ridiculously hot...and it's not because of the hole in the ozone either. "The Warm Up"...album of 2009? Just gotta wait and see.

CollegeRadioMusic.com down 150%. You can believe that.

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