Slow Start

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So Excuse the Lack of updates to start, things have been a lil hectic at the moment but it will get better. Posting is a lot harder on the road when you don't have a laptop but that will come in due time. Just got back from being in VA since Tuesday where Cole did a show in Norfolk, VA and a show in Richmond, VA opening up for the homie Wale. We have good footage of both shows as well as the trip to post up but until then just know it was a great experience, Everybody killed it and the people who were at this shows gave Cole a lot of love and got us looking foward to the show this thursday in NC. 

Footage coming real soon, until then check out this interview with

Warm Up Coming Soon !!!


Elite said...

cant wait to see that footage!!!! Banner coming soon... Gotta get this shit up and running official!!!!!!! I'm tryna make this NC show.. Lets see what magic i can cook up lol

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