Time to bring it back

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I'm not one to look back on glory Days cause i believe Hip Hop's best days are still ahead of us. I love the new wave of artist just like everyone else does, but this is something that i feel should be bought back. All Ego's aside, All who's the headliner aside, All bullshit aside but if I was a person with enough power and pull to get this done (which I plan to hopefully be one day) I will bring back the Feeling of "The Hard Knock Life Tour". Never could i sppreciate what was done on that tour back when it first happen, but now looking back on it the shit was simply amazing. Here's just a clip from the beggining of the movie "Backstage", kind of a little reminder of what was accomplished and who accomplished it. Enjoy



Elite said...

Backstage was a great movie, I watched that shit recently... Found a gem in there too lol (coming soon)..... Hip-Hop needs a mega-tour... If anyone can arrange it, you would think Roc Nation (Live Nation) would be able to set it up!!!!! The future is so exciting.

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