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So The NFL Draft is creeping up on us and this is always an exciting time of the year for me. I am probably the biggest Eagles and Donovan McNabb fan around so the rush of not knowing who WE will end up with is exciting. Now if your into sports you know the Eagles made a Big Trade already for OT Jason Peters and working towards more moves to get ready for the 09 season. 

This year though the draft feels a little more special, I guess because my homie K.O. (Kevin Ogletree) is getting drafted anywhere from low second round to high 5th round. Ladies and Gentleman that is a pretty big deal, New York City is not respected as a football gold mind so for someone from Queens, NY that grew up with us (Holy Cross H.S. whats up??) is on the verge of reaching his dream its pretty amazing. Knowing his work ethic and the talent that he has its only a matter of time before he becomes a full time starter and one of the best at the Wide Receiver position. With not one good QB in his college career, K.O. has gotten this far and now its time for him to take the next step. The weird part is you have no idea what city you will end up in and all of a sudden when your name is called you have to be ready to up and move (hopefully to PHILADELPHIA) wherever its is your needed. I'll try to catch some footage of us at his house on sunday wacthing the draft with his family might be cool footage to have for a big moment in his life. Here's some footage of Kev on the field i found on youtube so enjoy...

P.S. After the Draft Sunday Night were at Guesthouse in NYC to celebrate for K.O. ofiicial Draft Party 


Elite said...

congrats to him man thats some amazin ass shit!!!!!!!! Hopefully he gets drafted to Philly or shit even a NY team would be ill

J. Cole said...

damn you gotta love to see somebody achieve something they worked/prayed their whole life for. Warm Up

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