J. Cole footage (Cats Cradle, NC)

Author: Elite / Labels:

Great ass show man, that's all I can say. For me personally it was a great experience coming out to NC with the Dreamville team. We havin a ball out here man its a beautiful thing. One thing I gotta say about watching Cole perform that many people may not understand is, technically: He is a monster. Meaning, you gotta pay attention - the man has no hype man, and not only does he never miss a line, but the CLARITY with which he spits is amazing. No fumbling, no mumbling, no nothing. Clear as fuckin day every line. If you don't think its impressive do me a favor and try to stand up in front of the mirror spittin your fa rappers songs for 20 minutes without fuckin up once and not missin a line!!!! You gunna be gaspin for breath sweatin bullets so imagine that times 10 once you hit the stage!!! Wale also put on a real good show check out his footage below.


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