Dj Tay James & J. Tinsley Present "American Dreamin' : A History Lesson on J. Cole"

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Here's a tape put together by Dj Tay James and J. Tinsley for with a small assist by yours truly which gives you a blend of old and some new J. Cole music to bring people up to speed. Personally I love this mixtape takes me back to songs i don't get to listen to as often and also reminds me how long and how much work has been put in by Cole to get to where is now. Think of this as the pre game stretch before actually hitting the lay up line and getting your warm up on for the game, you get the point. With the Warm Up coming June 15th this should be a good listen to get people ready. Enjoy

I know i'm late but obviously this blog has been neglected by all of us for a bit but here's something
from "The Warm Up" for your listening pleasures.


Elite said...

yo this tape was so ill, perfect recap of all the classics to get you properly set up for the Warm Up. It's like the stretching before the warm up lol

Anonymous said...

can u re-up on this please?

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